Month: August 2021

The Founder’s Zodiac: Lifelong Learning Resources for Every Entrepreneur Type

After studying some of the one million business owners who use Shopify, we discovered that founders tend to fall into one of five personality types. Which one are you? Start with our quiz. It took 15 years to pay down...

/ August 4, 2021

Uphill Growth: The Charitable Bike Brand that’s on Track to 7-Figure Sales

The Bike Project is a community that intakes used bikes, restores and resells them while donating bikes to refugees. The organization allows newcomers to have a more cost-effective and active way to commute while adjusting to life in the UK. In this...

/ August 3, 2021

Higher Conversions, More Sales: Your Conversion Rate Optimization Starter Guide for 2021

Your store needs to be designed with your customers in mind. While boosting your traffic can generate more sales, it’s just as important to focus on turning your current traffic into paying customers. At every step of your customers’ purchasing...

/ August 2, 2021