Pacific Arts Festival: More Photos

'Kai kai'! Food day in the same valley where Herman Melville lived with the locals in 1842.

Let's eat! Breadfruit and cooked bananas to accompany a swath of other Marquesan delicacies! Free for all who brought a coconut bowl, banana leaf, palm husk, etc…no plastic allowed! 🙂

A Tiki coming to life.

'Tapa' made from tree bark was worn before Europeans brought cloth.

Who wants a palm frond hat?

With the help of a few modern tools, this log was turned into a dug out canoe. Photo courtesy of Mckenzie Clark

Later that day… Photo courtesy of Mckenzie Clark

Traditional dress certainly reflects the warm climate…:)

The girls perform the Marquesan 'Dance of the Bird'…

The future of the culture resides in the youth.

One of these days, I'll make my leaf and flower outfit!!

Mckenzie and I, gettin into the spirit!