How Two Digital Brands Expanded Their Reach with Wish

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Expanding your online presence can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. As more and more consumers expect little to no friction in their shopping experience, it has become critical in implementing a unified omnichannel strategy.

This includes finding the right channels for your business and providing a holistic brand experience across all of your customer touch-points. To provide a consistent and seamless shopping experience, our centralized Channel Manager lets you easily integrate all of your sales channels with your BigCommerce store. 

One of the integrations we provide is Wish, a cross-border ecommerce marketplace. As one of the most downloaded global shopping apps with 100+ active countries, Wish provides a free and smooth integration with account management support for BigCommerce merchants. This includes a dedicated account manager for onboarding, listing, merchandising and impression growth support. Wish’s navigational shopping experience and cross-border logistics also provide merchants numerous opportunities to broaden their exposure. 

Additional benefits such as advertising on Facebook and Google, email optimization, push notifications and SMS promotions are run by Wish making it an effortless integration for BigCommerce merchants. ProductBoost, Wish’s native advertising tool promotes your best products using Wish’s optimization algorithm to increase exposure of your products and get them in front of the customers who are most likely to buy them.

Transformation Labs and Gerard Cosmetics are two BigCommerce merchants who took advantage of the unique benefits of Wish’s online marketplace. Read on to learn how these innovative omnichannel brands expanded their reach globally and increased sales with BigCommerce and Wish. 

Reaching a Global Community

Transformations Labs, a supplement company supporting people transitioning to become their true selves, wanted to expand internationally. In early 2021 they integrated with Wish. Their market exposure doubled, and Transformations Labs significantly increased their reach, ensuring their customers have access to the supplements they need to live a happy and healthy life. 

“Wish has given us the freedom we need to grow, the forum we need to reach new clients and the ability to assist those that are seeking our products.”

– Chrissy B. Client Support Specialist, Transformations Labs

First Two Months of GMV for TransformationsLabs:

Wish’s discovery-based platform enabled Transformations Labs to target the cross-section of clients they strive to reach and provided the international trans community with the services and products needed.

As an added benefit of being a BigCommerce merchant, Transformation Labs had a personal Wish Account Manager to assist and answer any questions. They also could communicate with clients directly through Wish to address questions or concerns quickly and efficiently, providing a holistic brand experience.  

Breaking Into New Channels

Gerard Cosmetics, a vegan, cruelty-free, US-made cosmetics brand was introduced to Wish in 2021. As brick-and-mortar stores started opening back up, their ecommerce traffic went down, causing Gerard Cosmetics to take an omnichannel approach and search for new marketplaces to find a broader audience. 

The Wish platform was not only user-friendly and easy to navigate, but it also aligned well with the Gerard Cosmetics brand. Within just a few weeks of listing products, they began receiving a steady stream of daily orders and their reach increased globally. As of today, 36% of Gerard Cosmetics sales have been international orders. 

Thanks to Wish’s Consumer Packaged Goods) CPG Partner Program, cosmetics and other CPG products saw strong growth on Wish in 2020:

  • Q1 vs Q4 GMV: 92% growth

  • Q1 vs Q4 Orders: 103% growth

  • Q1 vs Q4 Daily Unique Buyers: 85% growth

  • Q1 vs Q4 Daily Unique CPG Products Sold: 210% growth

Wish also provided robust promotional opportunities and marketing suggestions for Gerard Cosmetics, including ongoing promotion at the Wish House, a luxury home in Los Angeles where social media influencers create strategic promotional content. Gerard Cosmetics’ products are often part of Wish House influencer endorsements, increasing their sales and strengthening the brand partnership. With so many positive programs and initiatives on their side, Gerard Cosmetics is eagerly looking to the future as they continue to build their business on Wish. 

An Omnichannel Solution

As Transformations Labs and Gerard Cosmetics experienced challenges in reaching the right customers and expanding to different channels, it was imperative to adapt. Wish became the strategic solution with the proper tools to help them grow and connect with their target audience. Retailers need to provide a consistent omnichannel approach across all customer touch-points to stay relevant and competitive in the marketplace.

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