What are Directory Submissions?

A directory submission site is a website where you can enter the details of your webpage and it will rank your site not by specific keywords but by a category and sub categories based on the type of website you are. For example ThoughtShift would come under marketing > digital marketing > digital strategy.

The reason it’s important for SEO?

Directory submissions are important for SEO strategy as they can give the site far better visibility and provide a website with links from reputable sources that can boost a websites ranking in the major search engines. This could also have the effect of increasing the amount of traffic that goes to the particular site. As the amount of links whether outbound or back links are crucial to a websites ranking in the search engines it is always important for companies to consider directory submissions as an enhancement of their current linkbuilding strategy.

How much of a factor is directory submissions for SEO?

Directory submissions have become a common technique these days for SEO practitioners as it is a useful way for them to get back links to a website. A further advantage is that before your website is approved into the directory it has to be approved by a human who is usually an expert in that field first. This automatically gives the site far more credibility and therefore increases the chance of it ranking higher in the search engines. However although directory submission is an easy way to get more links for a particular site, the downside is that it is a very time consuming process as you have to manually input the data. This means that in most cases a company would outsource this work to their SEO agency in order to save time.

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