As per a Segment study, 71% of customers feel annoyed when their buying experience isn’t personalized. That is why it’s vital to provide the best possible personalized service that you can. With such strategies, you can target users with tailor-made and diverse offers, discount coupons, and even personalized emails & recommendations to encourage them to purchase more.

It’s incredibly simple to incorporate a hint of personalization into your customer interactions. By integrating a live chat tool with your CRM, you can retrieve customer details like email address, product browsing history, and chat history. Armed with this information, you can customize services to ultimately provide a better experience.

You can also couple the live chat tool with a chatbot to provide easy and uncomplicated customer support to your users. According to CrazyEgg, doing this can cause 38% of consumers to buy more from you and increase your sales consequently.

2. Omnichannel shopping will be the new normal

As the penetration of smartphones and voice-enabled virtual assistants increases, omnichannel marketing will assume greater prominence this year. According to an HBR survey, 73% of marketers already use various channels while shopping online. This shift is already apparent with cloud-based platforms migrating to this space with tools such as Pinpoint and Amazon Personalize.

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