Black Friday, Cyber Monday and most end-of-year holidays are all about the sales. Shoppers, especially online shoppers, look forward to incredible savings and plan ahead in order to take advantage of these great once-a-year savings. Now is the time to set a schedule and plan when you are going to offer your customers savings. Black Friday shoppers come looking for the best-of-the-best deals, so offering sales for a limited time might lower your profit margin but it can increase your overall sales totals.

Decide which promotions will last throughout the Black Friday sales event and which offers will only run a portion of the day. Schedule when sales prices should be applied, shaping a plan that helps different pricing and sale lengths balance your desire to both increase traffic and sales throughout the shopping weekend. For each special offer, be sure to display a countdown to let customers know time is limited. Be sure to display both the sale price and standard price to your visitors so they can calculate how much of a bargain they are getting.

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