Marc Phillips

Marc Phillips partnered with InteractOne to build a new eCommerce website. One that better showcases their luxury brand and products, and provides all of its visitors with a sleek and modern user experience.

Marc Phillips new website needed to do more than showcase their products and their brand. This new website had to serve multiple masters, in that it needed to be functional and usable for their customers, distributors and partners worldwide.

In this Case Study video we’ll be taking a look how Interact One created this new site as well as highlighting many of the back-end user-friendly functionalities that allow the Marc Phillips team to manage and this high-end ecommerce site without the need of a developer.

Click here to see the new Marc Phillips website for yourself.

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Marc Phillips is a leading innovator and manufacturer of decorative high-end rugs. They are headquartered in New York and Los Angeles. Marc Phillips’ rug collections are vastly-layered, yet highly-curated by their team of creatives, who breathe soul into the brand mixing laid-back livable with a sophisticated edge.

Since 1998, InteractOne has been helping our clients grow and compete online, always keeping in mind to do whats best for our clients. We build, maintain and market great eCommerce experiences.

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