Google Analytics – Who should use it?

As Google themselves so eloquently state “Google Analytics is an online facility for obtaining traffic analysis of your website”. Which really means Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for looking the behavior patterns of visitors that come to your store. Not only does it provide website owners what visitors did, but it also tells them where they came from, what terms they entered to find the site, how long they stayed, what keyword terms converted to a sale, what pages they left on, and all kinds of great information. Best of all Google provided you this information free of charge.

You just need to add a little piece of code to the footer of your site to start the tracking and login to Google to run your reports. So who should use it??

Really everyone that is interested in obtaining visitor information, which really should be any business. Is there a downside? Of course. Google collects that information and stores it on their servers, which for most businesses isn’t that big of a deal but some companies may have an issue with it. If you don’t want to use Google Analytics you can always use the web log analytics package provided to you through our Plesk control panel or through most hosting companies.

For information on adding Google Analytics to your cart click here.