Savvy consumers are used to receiving requests for reviews, so you must make yours stand out. When asking them for a review via email, it is important to think from their point of view.

They may need a little encouragement to take the time to leave feedback. Keep the email brief and cut to the chase so as not to waste their time. Be polite and make sure your brand is instantly recognizable.

Biscuiteers sells hand-iced luxury biscuits and uses the same visual style and tone of voice as their website in their review request. The heading states, “We’d like to know what you think.”

The text reads, “Thank you so much for your recent order. Buying presents should be good fun, and we’re curious to find out how easy you found it.” This is followed by a request for a review, a call-to-action button, and some examples of reviews others have written. They end the email with love and kisses.

This email maintains contact with a customer but also offers an opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell. This is typically sent a week or two after a customer has received the product.

Recommendations can be made based on previous purchases, either by proposing similar items or making suggestions about items that go well with the previous purchase. A little something extra, such as a discount, can help to boost sales and loyalty.

Beauty Bay adds a short recommendations section for every promotion it sends out. These recommendations of products are personalized to each recipient based on browsing history, and clicking on them takes the recipient directly to the product page.

There are many reasons why people abandon a cart. They may have simply forgotten to finish a purchase, or perhaps they couldn’t find what they were looking for. They may have decided they will come back later and it just takes a friendly reminder for them to do so.

The cosmetics brand Tarte makes their abandoned cart emails interesting by offering alternative products alongside those the buyer first added to the cart.

Providing some similar alternatives could coax them back to the checkout. They say, “We saw you looking at … You may also love …” A flashing call-to-action stating, “Okay, I want it” is a great attention-grabber.

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