Spring, it seems, is definitely the time to freshen things up when it comes to digital marketing. With the almighty Google Mobile Update deadline looming many are running around like headless chickens in fear of big (albeit long time coming) change. And Twitter has shown it has no objections to shaking things up either (albeit a long time coming too). The social platform has recently launched its new Quote Tweet function, which allows users to embed an original tweet and add an additional comment.

Twitter Chick

Shock Horror this is news?! I hear some of you sarcastically cry, but in social media world, yes it is. Twitter, the platform that specialises in its art of 140 character communication, has been somewhat limited in its Retweet facilities until now. If one wished to RT something that was already of a fairly high character limit you wouldn’t be able to leave your own opinion or comment in that same tweet. Although not exactly a huge disaster, when tweets are instantly engulfed in your feed (or more importantly, your followers’) having separate tweets loses the effect of what you are trying to get across. Plus, for those of you lucky ones that were able to squeeze enough characters in to RT”quote”@me”, it often looked messy and nobody could see what you were saying anyway.


Is This New(s) Or An Update?


I’ve been able to do this for ages! I hear you mobile lovers cry. Well I have used the term ‘new’ to address something that wasn’t technically there before, but frequent (or simply observant) mobile users won’t see much of a difference here. The ‘Quote Tweet’ function has been there a while on mobile devices; though it wasn’t available on desktop browsers. What is new, however, is the neat embedding of the tweet which leaves users with a whopping 116 characters left, as opposed to about -27 previously.

How Will This Help My Business?

While this update is not going to instantly earn you millions, it can greatly benefit your social media marketing campaign by creating a much more streamlined Twitter profile and giving you an extra outlet for your brand’s opinions. Plus it offers a much better opportunity for you to engage directly with your followers as well as giving you a better insight into what your followers think of your tweets too.


So although the Twitter Quote Tweet function update is not a hugely revolutionary change, it can be used to add value to your individual or branded social media marketing campaign, it is easy to use, and it makes your tweets looks nice! What more could you ask for?

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