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Who doesn’t like a big cute fluffy bear???? SEO’ers may not if it’s Google’s Panda…

Much like the free Hummingbird images we’ve created, we have also created some for Panda. And here they are…

Feel free to use these images as you like, all we ask for is a reference back to our website.

Download & Use

To use any of our images, simply right-click and save the file to your computer.

The Google Panda Update

How to cater for the update…

  • Keep your content to the point – Giving easy to understand, clear content to your users will help your audiences engage with your content.
  • Original Content – Duplicate content is frowned upon in Google’s eyes. Do not use the same content across the whole of your website. Instead look at each individual page and make sure it has good original content.
  • Engaging – Content that is engaging is content that is more likely to be shared.
  • Serve a purpose – Make it useful to your readers and customers. It’s a proven fact that providing your customers with relevant information helps to build trust and therefore they’re more likely to buy from your website and brand.

For a friendly guide on how to overcome Google Panda penalties, download our Google Panda Guide here for free!!

Catching Up With Google

Panda Graphic

Dancing Circles Around Panda

Panda Graphic

Panda’s Gonna Eat Your Site Up

Panda Graphic

Panda With Bamboo

Panda Graphic

There’s Something Strange With This Bamboo…

Panda Graphic

Panda On The Edge

Panda Graphic

Panda’s Calling Again!

Panda Graphic

A Thought On Panda

Panda Graphic

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