When people are flying through the web, they inevitably land at certain points. When a user lands on your site from a paid search or content marketing campaign, it’s often their first interaction with your brand. As a result, these landing pages are very important.

A good way to make sure that users aren’t put off, whatever page they might land on, is to make sure all of your pages are clear, concise, well-written and offer a lot to the user. Landing pages really need to convert, so think about the content and copy that’s on it. Is it engaging? Does it provide detailed information for a user? Does it reflect the keywords the user searched for (the fastest way to increase your Google AdWords Quality Score and pay less for clicks than your competitors)? It also needs to have a very clear call to action that helps the user, this really propels conversions and also enhances your campaign performance. A better user experience now means an even better Google AdWords Quality Score for you so your competitors bid higher, but you still appear higher in the search results.

You can use an analytics package to determine where users enter and exit your site, known as the user journey. If you’re not converting, then you should be able to see very clearly where users are dropping off. Improve and optimise the pages they drop off from, and then keep an eye out for any changes. Keep testing and you’ll find a formula sooner or later.

Enjoy the 11th day illustration in our series, and join us at the ThoughtShift Blog tomorrow for the penultimate in our series.

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