As the online world continues to become more tech-savvy, consumers are more active than ever before. And with an explosion in eCommerce transactions, post-pandemic. Competition for user attention is at an all time high.

Staying ahead of consumer trends is a must if you want to prosper in a modern e-commerce environment. Smart marketers need to be able to predict the success of their next campaign before planning it and, most importantly need to be able to adapt to a consumer trend before it has even surfaced.

Enter artificial intelligence. Adopting an AI-infused marketing strategy could be the key to success in a consumer dominated market. Utilizing the powers of smart technology within campaign planning is a great way to predict consumer behavior and improve the relationship between your business and your sales leads.

In fact, 37% of the marketing industry have already incorporated at least one form of AI tech into their strategy.

As AI-based technology continues to revolutionize the corporate and e-commerce sector, let’s have a closer look into the tools transforming the future of e-commerce and how you can incorporate them into your next campaign.

What is AI marketing and how can it transform your next campaign?

AI Marketing is defined as the “utilization of artificial intelligence technologies to make automated decisions based on data collection, data analysis, and additional observations of audience or economic trends that may impact marketing efforts.”

Whether you use AI tech to predict, target or personalize, artificial intelligence is a significant component of a modern-day marketing campaign.

AI can transform all areas of your marketing campaign; from customer personalization to conversational market and intelligence-based content creation, targeting your demographic with precision and success.

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