Would you be interested in unraveling the potential of UGC marketing for your ecommerce business?

I will take you through a list of expert tips on how to promote your ecommerce business using UGC marketing.

People find the content generated by regular people to be more credible than the hype brands say about themselves. That’s the reason why UGC weighs more when compared to other ecommerce marketing materials. Every digital marketing aspirant during his digital marketing degree is mentored to utilize UGC to create a comprehensive User Experience.

The tactics that were once reserved to attract the younger customers have become a worthy inclusion in every marketing strategy irrespective of the target audience. Customers now want to explore what other users say about a brand or a product before making a purchase online.

If you are strategizing how to rank high on Google, let me tell you, the search giant prioritizes UGC as much as any other original and fresh content. It is, after all, a formidable tool for branding.

Websites like Instagram, Wikipedia, and YouTube thrive on user-generated content. Marketers are going to great lengths to back their claims with quality UGC. This proves that UGC marketing is here to stay and dominate.

UGC marketing has revamped the marketing industry drastically. It is a far-reaching weapon that can be used to benefit your ecommerce business in multiple ways. Let’s take a look at some useful tactics.

1. Use UGC for Social Proof

In his book ‘Influence’, Robert Cialdini first used the term ‘social proof’ to explain a peculiar collective behavior. People are more inclined to follow the actions of the masses.

What does it mean in the ecommerce context?

It simply means that UGC marketing can provide customer validation for your products or services.

From Instagram Reels to Snapchat stories, unboxing videos to reviews—a wide variety of user-generated content influences potential buyers.

Seeing your products or services being used by others bears a significant impact on purchasing decisions. UGC marketing can be smartly channelized to gain social proof for your business and drive more organic traffic.

2. Make Your Brand Go Viral on Social Media with UGC

What better way to make your ecommerce brand go viral on social media than using UGC. When you post social media content, encourage your followers to like, share, and comment on it.

Apple has shown an excellent way to utilize user-generated content to go viral on Instagram. The smartphone manufacturer asked its users to click spectacular photos using the latest iPhone models and post them on Instagram using the hashtag ‘#shotoniphone’.

Users are seen going to any lengths to click some breathtaking images just to be featured by Apple.

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