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While guest blogging, blog SEO, and content curation give you ways to get traffic to your blog, they also offer methods to get blog followers (and keep them).

In addition to those three, I’ll add two others I frequently use to engage and retain blog readers.

4.  Offer An Opt-in

If you’ve lived in the online space for longer than 3 minutes, you’ve run into opt-in offers. They are also referred to as legal bribes, freebies, content upgrades, and many other names.

Why are these important for bloggers? Because they:

  • Offer value to your readers.
  • Encourage connection.
  • Build your subscriber list.
  • Provide multiple ways to stay in contact with readers.
  • Promote good will.
  • Earn passive income from your digital products or affiliate products.
  • And more!

This is one of my favorite ways to get blog followers and keep them. Once someone has exchanged their email address for one of my free reports, lessons by email, or other freebie, I now have a way to stay in contact with them on a regular basis.

Not only will they receive information pertaining to the freebie they downloaded, but they will also be emailed notices of new blog posts and more.

Plus, you can also earn affiliate commissions passively just by giving away free stuff. Not a bad deal at all.

5.  Encourage Communication

If you want to get blog followers who are loyal and stick around, making them feel like part of the community should be a primary goal.

Encouraging conversations helps to accomplish this. How can you do that? Here are 2 simple ways that work.

  1. Ask for Comments – Inserting a comment into the end of your post opens the door so readers feel comfortable asking questions or leaving comments. (Examples: “Have questions? Ask me!” or “Tell me what you think below.”)

However, getting comments is only half the process. To make readers feel welcome, you need to answer the questions / statements and do so with some sort of appeal.

If someone leaves a compliment about your post, don’t respond with a minimal “thank you.” Instead, go into a bit of detail. Perhaps, “Thank you for your compliment. I appreciate the time you took to respond and I hope the information helps you reach your goals.”

  1. Encourage Emails – All the interaction doesn’t have to take place on your blog. Yes, we love comments because everybody can see that others are participating on our sites. But some people won’t leave a public comment (for a variety of reasons).

On a regular basis, I include notes in emails such as “I have this product. If you have questions about it, let me know” or “I can’t be the only one going through this. Have you, and what did you do about it?”

Opening the door so others know it’s OK to connect goes a long way to helping them understand they are part of your group.

Using these simple 5 ways to increase blog traffic — while you get and keep followers — will lay a solid foundation of loyal readers who spread the word about you far and wide.

Have questions about how to get blog followers? Talk to me below! 

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