Top 3 Ways To Find Affiliates Who Will Gladly Promote Your Course

I’ve heard from a lot of course creators recently who have their course done, but are struggling to get sales. I know how that is!

One of the ways that I have been able to grow my course sales over the years is working with awesome affiliates. 

That way I can grow my reach and my sales at the same time.

Jessica Larrew from recently shared with us how to start an affiliate program. Since you guys loved it so much, I asked her to come back and share with us how to find affiliates to promote our online courses.

Jessica has worked with over 300 affiliates to promote her many online courses and she’s been considered a top affiliate in her industry. So, she is bringing experience from both sides of the table when it comes to working with affiliates to promote digital products.

Take it away Jessica!

Thanks, Karon! Working with affiliates is one of my favorite ways to get in front of new audiences. It saves me from feeling like I am in constant promotion mode. 

Instead of working on new funnels all the time or creating sales, I spend my time looking for new affiliates and working with them to promote.

The number one question I get about working with affiliates is “How can I find affiliates who will promote my courses?” So, I’m here today to answer that question with 3 of my favorite ways to find people who can promote my courses.

Starting With People Who You Are An Affiliate For

One of the first places you can start looking for potential affiliates is reviewing the products YOU are currently promoting as an affiliate. If your audience is the right fit for their products, then it is highly likely that their audience is a good fit for YOUR product.

This won’t work 100% of the time, but it’s easier to reach out to someone whom you have credibility with already than just coming out of the blue to ask someone.

When you are considering people you promote, make sure to check their content to make sure it is a good fit for your course. That’s one of the mistakes people often make when doing outreach for their affiliate program. 

I’ve got 11 Common Mistakes Affiliate Hosts Make that you can download for free to do a quick audit of your affiliate program!

11 Common Mistakes Affiliate Hosts Make

People Who Promote My Competition

The second place I look for new affiliates is by searching out people who are promoting people I consider my “competition”. 

I cover the exact strategy I use for this in my Course Creator’s Guide To Affiliate Hosting course and show you how I find these affiliates and how I determine if they are a good fit or not.

I figure if someone is having success promoting a course that is similar to mine, then they would benefit from promoting mine as well. 

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I understand that I will also receive weekly articles & videos plus periodic discounts, product notices & more. I can unsubscribe at any time.

I will try to share with them ways that our course is different enough for them to feel confident in promoting both of the courses.

Facebook Group Owners Are Great Affiliates

The third way I want to share with you to find affiliates is by searching on Facebook for all of the groups in your niche. 

You don’t want to promote your course directly in the group, instead, you want to reach out to the group owner and build a relationship with them directly so that THEY can promote your course in their group.

Having the owner promoting your course it gives you instant credibility in the group and it keeps you from looking like a spammer.

I recommend hanging out in the group for at least a week and interacting with the other members before you ask the owner if they would be an affiliate for you.

How To Reach Out To Potential Affiliates

Now that you’ve got a few ways to find potential affiliates, you want to get a game plan in place to help you reach out to them in a way that they will respond to you and feel comfortable working with you.

That’s why I’ve put together 11 easy to use swipe files you can use in your affiliate outreach! These are the email templates I use when reaching out to new affiliates. Plus, I give you a behind the scenes look at some of the emails I’ve personally received and my reactions to them! 

Check out the Affiliate Outreach Bundle here and be ready to start reaching out to those awesome affiliates tonight.

For those of you who have not started your affiliate program at all or don’t feel confident in even reaching out to affiliates yet, I’ve got you covered in my Course Creator’s Guide To Affiliate Hosting course that will walk you step-by-step through the process of setting up and running a great affiliate program!

I hope you found these 3 ways to find potential affiliates helpful. Sometimes it just takes ONE really good affiliate to change the trajectory of your online course business. You can do it!

Have questions about starting an affiliate program? Talk to me below! 

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