It’s amazing how social media has evolved from a simple means of connecting people in its infancy to a powerful business tool today. While traditional advertising remains in business, more and more entrepreneurs are turning to social media platforms to promote their products and services.

Reach Billions of Potential Customers With Facebook, Instagram & YouTube Advertising

It’s not really surprising when businesses market themselves on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or any of the social media networks out there. The simple fact that these social networks have billions upon billions of users is more than enough reason for entrepreneurs to dream of reaching even just a tiny percentage of that figure.

But more than the chance to sell their offerings to billions of potential customers, entrepreneurs go for promoting their business on social media channels because it provides them the opportunity to engage customers—both existing and prospective ones.

Sales can be good, but business people want more than that. The desire to boost awareness and trust in their brand is equally strong, and interacting with people on a regular basis increases their chances of achieving just that. Once trust in their brand solidifies because of social media engagement, loyalty to their brand often follows, and that is something entrepreneurs would more than love to win.

Of course, the cost-effectiveness of promoting their business on social media doesn’t hurt either. Sure, it still entails certain costs, but their expenses on social media will never come close to what traditional platforms will ultimately charge them. Even social media advertising will always cost less than a traditional advertising campaign.

Social Media Advertising User Trends 2019

If you’re thinking about advertising on social media, then you might want to take a closer look at the infographic below. With the information about current social media advertising user trends that it brings, you should be able to choose the right platform for your paid social media ads.

Social Media Advertising User Trends 2019 Infographic
Social Media Advertising User Trends 2019 – click for full size image

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