The path to sale for nearly every product or service out there can be reduced to just a few simple steps. Determining the pain points of the target audience is absolutely necessary to providing the right ad for the right product or service for them to buy in order to solve said pain points. To do that, however, one must first conduct research as to what, how and why the target audience is searching for solutions to their pain points.

For example, users may run a search about teeth sensitivity and what products they can use to alleviate it. Users may utilize search phrases like “pain from sensitive teeth”, or “best toothbrush for sensitive teeth” to gather more information on products they can use to alleviate the pain from sensitive teeth.

In searching these phrases, however, the user can also encounter content on foods that are gentle on sensitive teeth and even medical content as to why some people of more sensitive teeth than others. Utilizing that educational content should be a part of any online marketing campaign.

Once research has been conducted it’s time to narrow down the search phrase. Keywords that express a comparison, or review a products quality or various features, are used to discover more about which model or service has met the standards of the target audience.

The last step on the path to a sale is risk reduction the audience has selected the specific item or service they would like to purchase they are nearly ready to conduct a transaction. For the potential customer, it’s now simply a manner of choosing which vendor they would like to purchase it from. It goes without saying that customers prefer vendors they can trust, which is why they search for the best price and terms they can prior to purchasing. This would be the time to include local keywords, like adding “Chicago” to “Jeep dealer” to create phrases like “Chicago Jeep Dealer” and “Jeep Dealers in Chicago”

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