With a claimed 800 million users but 70% of posts going unseen, Instagram Advertising has been high on the agenda for eCommerce marketers. Now Instagram have announced the UK roll out of it’s Shopping Ads we predict that it is going to be an increasingly important part of the marketing mix for many retailers.

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Marks & Spencer were amongst the first three businesses to test Instagram Shopping in the UK making the most of their 760,000 followers on the platform. The roll out follows a successful introduction in the USA last year.

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As Instagram is owned by Facebook it’s unsurprising that you can target ads in the same ways. That means you can target your existing customers, assuming you have their email addresses, target their friends and target lookalike audiences, which we have found most effective overlaid with special interest audiences, and all of this with pin-point geo-location targeting. Used strategically and carefully, we find these platforms need a forensic attention to detail, it should be possible to get some impressive ROIs on this newly shopping ad enabled platform.

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