3. Reduce friction, resolve issues

Try as you might, things won’t always go according to plan. Sometimes, things break. Systems go down. Bugs happen. And human error is always part of the equation. Luckily, most customers are likely to give you some small chance to resolve issues that do arise throughout the course of their interaction with your brand. This means that it’s not only important to reduce friction, but to also invest in support or other necessary mechanisms to resolve issues–immediately, or as close as possible–as they crop up. Your customer may be willing to ask a question or look for help before giving up, but if they have to wait hours or day for a response, there’s a good chance they’ll just give up on the transaction and move on (remember, 40% will avoid your company for up to 2 years!) Even if you can’t afford a full-time staff of customer service agents, you can use self-serve and technology-assisted solutions to help customers resolve issues quickly and easily.

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