Branding involves developing your company’s business name and reputation as well as a distinct logo or symbol that makes your firm stand apart from competitors. By creating a well-known brand you can improve your marketing campaigns and make them more effective and beneficial. In this article, we provide useful tips and strategies you can use to develop a recognisable brand identity.

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Be Persistent with Your Branding Strategy

Before the internet era, only large companies were able to earn international recognition and they did so by spending plenty of money to employ leading advertising and marketing agencies. Today, any startup can use content marketing and social media to develop their brand without spending a lot of money. It is important to be persistent with your content production and customer engagement efforts to build your brand online.

Develop a Distinct Persona for Your Brand

Your branding should inform your potential customers about your company and product. Therefore, sight recognition is important and this includes your colour scheme, slogan, and logo as well as product packaging and signage. Another important aspect is brand persona. For example, you can instantly identify the clown character Ronald McDonald with the McDonald’s brand and the Swoosh logo with Nike.

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Therefore, pay attention to developing a brand persona that defines the character and personality of your company. Companies such as Chipotle, Geico, Southwest Airlines, Travelocity, and Red Bull have created successful brand personas by making use of strategies like television ads and impactful content writing. As a result, these brands have become highly recognisable to their customers and the general public.

Rope in All Team Members

All the content pieces that your company creates play a part in creating brand identity. Content is not restricted to Tweets, Facebook posts, infographics, videos, and blog posts. All the content and information on your organisation’s profile, product packaging, support emails, and website can impact your branding. For this reason, you need to pay close attention to your branding campaign all the time.

Rope in all team members and keep them in the loop to ensure a consistent branding strategy. Your marketing unit may define your branding campaign, but employees in other units also play an important role in executing the branding strategy. Social media has become an important tool that marketers can use for their branding efforts. Therefore, it has become essential to create and curate high quality social media content to improve your branding and make it more consistent.

Use Professional Help for Your Logo

Your logo plays a vital role in making your brand visible and recognisable. Therefore, don’t be stingy but loosen your purse strings to hire the services of a professional logo designer. You can feature your logo on your product packaging, website, print ads and other important places. For this reason, it is important that your logo should look professional and consistent.

The professional designer can assist you in selecting an attractive colour scheme and font that you can use on your packaging, blog, web design, and other places. This can help to make your brand and logo more visually appealing and eye-catching.

Invest in Effective Tools

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There are numerous software tools you can utilise to further your branding strategy. You can start by browsing a reputable SaaS directory as well as reading reviews to select a suitable marketing application for your branding needs. Here are a few top ones you can check out:

Perceptual Maps

You can make use of perceptual maps to measure the position of your brand in comparison with your competitors. For this purpose, you can utilise axis concepts such as irreverent and formal, luxury and value, and pricing and quality.


This app helps you to create interactive content liked video quizzes, personality tests, and more. You can include your brand persona in the engaging content and share it with your followers and users.


BuzzSumo’s free version offers insights on content ideas used by your competitors. You can also use the professional edition to improve your branding campaign. The app sends you content alerts based on criteria such as competitor, keyword, or author. You can also utilise the software to monitor the content performance of your competition and get insights from analysis reports.

Personalise Your Brand

Your customers should be able to identify with your brand. Therefore, you need to provide a personal touch to make your branding efforts successful. To make this happen you don’t need to use multiple marketing resources. Simply rope in your company employees and motivate them to publicise your brand and product information on the social media networks they hang out on. You can make your marketing campaign more successful by sharing your strategies and goals with your colleagues and getting their assistance.

Be Professional

While you need to provide a personal touch, you also need to be professional at the same time. Therefore, avoid dealing with your buyers and customers casually. Utilise your insight and experience to offer useful and relevant information and content to your clients. Plus, be courteous and respectful when you engage in one-on-one communication with your clients and customers.

Be Responsive on Social Media

You can engage with your buyers and customers quickly and easily on social media. Respond swiftly to issues, comments, inquiries, and complaints. Provide a carefully considered response that can go viral and increase your audience, and boost your branding and marketing efforts.


Developing an impactful brand involves planning and engagement with your clients and customers. As mentioned earlier, successful branding can make your marketing efforts more effective. Use the tips provided in this article to create a road map for your branding strategy and focus on proper implementation to create a recognisable brand.

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