Another effective method that will earn backlinks is writing reviews or testimonials on products or services that are in your chosen market. This won’t take long and it may provide your website a link from a high ranking website. If you are a loyal customer of a particular product or service that doesn’t offer a review section, contact them! There’s a possibility you can earn a link in exchange for a loyal customer testimonial. Communicate with their marketing manager to discuss the possibility of having your testimonials featured on their particular website.

Online Tools for Building Backlinks

1. Google Profiles – If you are a top employee or one of the founders of an online business, you need to create and complete a Google profile (if you haven’t done so already). Add custom links with anchor text so users and other websites can easily find you. This will help Google identify what other sites think about your page. Your profile link on Google Profiles can be used for additional information, including photos and videos about your brand. Google profiles are vital, especially now that Google Plus is used by so many worldwide.

2. LinkedIn – Another great resource for business connections and building backlinks is LinkedIn. When using this site, simply create a company profile and individual profiles for key employees and founders. Choose “Other” when setting your first website link to create a custom anchor text. Don’t forget to use two additional links but make sure you exclude an anchor text.

3. Digg – Known as the homepage for the internet, Digg is a perfect resource for traffic generation through backlinks. Founded 12-years ago, Digg still has a large following and its users are still very active. You can easily submit any articles you want to promote and hope they catch on. One of the many great things about Digg is that links placed on articles are followed by search engines.

4. Google Business – It is vital that you create a local business listing for all of your offices on Google Business. With this online business directory, you can utilize targeted keywords and place them in the profile and description fields. This creates a high visibility in search results and is a fantastic source that is devoid of nofollows.

5. HubPages – Love writing about your passions? Well, we hope your online business is your passion then because HubPages can help you get your ideas and opinions out. You can also form an account to gain a following and answer questions in your field of interest.

6. – If you your business can benefit from attracting local users (trust us, it can), this one is for you. Create a profile for your business and be sure to write with your audience and SEO in mind as you fill in the description fields and anchor text.

7. StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon has been around for many years but still continues to be popular and busy. It handles a ton of traffic from all over the web and submitted links are consistently followed.

Figuring out how to earn backlinks is one of the most vital strategies to an eCommerce store’s long-term SEO. Your brand needs to focus on earning quality backlinks from powerful, relevant sites. In the long run, mastering backlinks will help you build a solid online business that will rank with more keywords and deliver a steady stream of traffic.

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