The Realities of Working from Home (are you ready?)

As you begin to transition from a routine of working directly under a watchful eye, you need to check your attitude. Sure, we’ve all read the latest GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics and know that 80% to 90% of the US workforce says they would like to telework at least part time (and it’s ok to be excited and happy that you’ll be avoiding the commute) but there are realities that come with working from home that you should make peace with.

For starters, you’ll be doing almost everything on your own. There will no longer be a friend’s desk to pop over to for advice, brainstorming, venting or a laugh. You may lose your work friendships and connections. In fact, it’s rumored that career advancement for telecommuters is slowed for those who work outside the office. It is always a difficult thing to accept but just like the ‘non-smokers’ in the past, not being around your managers can have a detrimental effect on future promotions.

Another issue for those who work from home may be a lack of technical support from fellow co-workers. When you request support, they may place an issue of a well-known peer ahead of yours. The result of this may be seen in the quality of your work. If you decide to work from home, enjoy the time you save avoiding the commute but use some of that precious time to connect with those who are stuck at the office. And taking cookies or brownies when you do show-up (or to friends who help with your own business) isn’t a half-bad idea!