Billing has always been a tedious task. If you’re selling products or services that have frequent repeat shoppers or services and products that can be subscription based, you should add recurring billing to your online store immediately. Not only will doing so help you save time, but offering recurring billing through your webstore has proven time and time again to bolster your overall revenue, with very little effort on your part.

So why don’t all online business owners offer Recurring Billing on frequently purchased items or services?

Well, not many eCommerce platforms offer the service. The option to bill clients through automated Recurring Billing is too often reserved for the more complicated, expensive shopping cart software. Fortunately, PinnacleCart eCommerce stepped up to the plate by including recurring billing in their standard eCommerce features, free of charge to their clients. Now, easier than ever before, you can sell your products on a subscription based billing model, or offer an automatic shipping and billing of frequently purchased goods. With this excellent billing advantage, you can automatically bill your customers at any desired time period, for any amount.

For example, if your clients would like the freshest baked goods sent to their office every week, you can automatically bill them weekly. If your shoppers prefer items to be sent every three weeks, monthly, or even just once annually, it’s not a problem! This recurring billing automation is excellent for store owners who are looking for an auto-ship functionality, who want to sell memberships, or who perhaps have a subscription-based product line.

Many eCommerce gurus agree that recurring billing is the way to go for predictable, steady revenue. Here’s expert start-up advisor, Mark MacLeod, on the topic.

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