Whether your marketing efforts are paid or organic, they need to be focused on industry specific keywords and phrases to bring in a quality flow of traffic. If your site is optimized with relevant keywords, it will appear in targeted searches and bring visitors that are interested in continuing to explore your website. The keywords you choose will also be used in any paid marketing campaigns you take on. Using irrelevant or vague terms will attract traffic that is not ideal for your niche, which will likely increase your bounce rates.

Brand mentions and implied links, though not as powerful as deep links from authority sites, are helpful in attracting a flow of quality, organic traffic. Brand mentions can include guest blogging, creating and distributing infographics, hosting ‘like / share’ contests, or seeking out media that would features interviews with you. Many of these options will also allow a backlink but make sure you’re only linking to sites that are in your same industry, or Google will consider the backlink a negative, rather than a positive link.

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