Branding Strategy: Using Marketing Persona Development to Increase Engagement 5X

When it comes to implementing your branding strategy, you typically put a lot of work into the collection of data, including persona development. Frequently, however, that data doesn’t seem to filter all the way down to the simple elements such as copy, content, images, word choice, etc.

Did you know that Harvard Business found 85% of 30,000 new product launches in the United States failed because of poor market segmentation? Imagine how much time and money that cost these businesses. If they’d had a better grip on marketing to their perfect customer persona, success might have been the outcome.

With that in mind, I invite you to a quick workshop right here in this blog post!

This workshop consists of one simple exercise. Write 2 paragraphs of website copy about this product. Don’t take too much time. Pretend you’re creating new copy for a promo and you only have 2 paragraphs of space.

No fair cheating and skipping ahead!

Consumer Cellular is devoted to providing mobile phones and services to senior citizens. Take a look at their site and you’ll quickly see that all of their branding strategy is customized. They took all the information found during their persona development phase and found a way to represent it visually or verbally on their site.

Photos — All the photographs are of people aged 55 and above.

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Consumer Personas To Boost Marketing

Partnerships — The joint ventures they have arranged are in cooperation with companies their customer avatar needs, such as this one with AARP.

Consumer Personas To Boost Marketing

Products — They offer the latest and greatest smartphones, but the majority of the phones shown are older models and even flip phones (which many people over 70 still prefer).

Consumer Personas To Boost Marketing

The plans aren’t complicated and offer solutions that meet the needs of their marketing persona. Including plans that have no texting or data (which a lot of older seniors don’t use).

TV commercials show seniors doing activities typical of their age range, which immediately draws that avatar to the brand.

Love Your Melon

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Love Your Melon. This trendy site targets 20somethings and teens with beanie knit caps and other hats. The mission behind Love Your Melon is to donate to worthy charities… so far over $6 million has been given!

However, in my opinion, this site doesn’t do as good a job of connecting with their audience as Consumer Cellular does.

Font — The frilly script font used in their logo leans far more to the feminine side than neutral or masculine.

Consumer Personas To Boost Marketing

Photos — The photographs are all of 20something women. No men are shown even though the site has links for Gifts For Men.

Consumer Personas To Boost Marketing

Copy — To be as fun-loving as it appears in the images, the copy is a bit stuffy, using phrasing such as “Together, we create therapeutic experiences and fund charitable programming initiatives for children and families battling cancer.” It seems rather corporate.

Perhaps something more friendly like “Together, we give children a place to play while they heal. Through donations, we pay for a good portion of the expense, so families can concentrate on getting well” would communicate better with their audience.

Yes, it’s important to put a lot of effort and research into your persona development, but it’s critical to use that information in all areas of your branding strategy so you connect tightly with your marketing persona.

Go back and check your marketing pieces: web pages, emails, social profiles… all of it. Make certain you are laser focused on those people who want to hear your message!

Wouldn’t it be great to find out how to compile a customer profile quickly and also how to use the information you collect to improve all your marketing? 

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