12th Day Of Xmas: It’s All In The Planning…

When it comes to digital strategy, its important to start early. So revel in a year well done, then immediately climb back on board the planning machine. Whether you’re a clicks and mortar business or a pure play online, email marketing and SEO have the lowest costs per acquisition of any marketing activity so are likely to be a staples in your digital marketing plans for online success in 2013.

If you’ve been hit with a massive e-commerce sales or lead generation for 2013 then paid search or pay per click marketing should be next on your list for effectiveness. PPC doesn’t suit every business, but with digital ad spend set to reach $100 billion in 2012 the large majority are finding it good for something.

Hot on the heels for investment in 2013 is going to be followed by social media with a heavy dose of content marketing and user experience testing. Bringing all these digital channels together under an integrated communications plan is how you can make all marketing campaigns more effective and that’s where a digital strategy methodology can really help with your plans.

Enjoy the final illustration in our series, and have a great Christmas. Keep checking back at the ThoughtShift Blog for all the latest news and updates.