I just wanted to address the PinnacleCart user base, blog readers, and Facebook fans to announce that I couldn’t be more proud of the PinnacleCart family than I was yesterday when the news broke about PinnacleCart software being ranked as the #1 shopping cart software on ZippyCart!

We are in one of the most competitive software categories, and to be at the top of the rankings is really an amazing achievement.

Our growth keeps us moving and changing all the time and I believe it is a core factor in our overall success. When you have a team that embraces change on a regular basis, it creates such a unique dynamic and you never have to worry about someone not being on the same page. This industry has a few large players, but we are proof positive that by focusing on the customer we continue to thrive and grow like a weed.

If you haven’t tried us already, give the #1 ranked eCommerce software company at chance – you won’t be disappointed!

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