I know, it sounds like some old cliché coming from a business owner, but give me a bit of leeway here for making my case.

Today, I’m proud to announce our team has released version 3.7.11 of PinnacleCart. In our continued effort to get you more time back, the advancements in this release are really amazing.

For almost a year now, we’ve been working directly with Intuit and their Quickbooks team. As an Intuit finalist for Application of the Year in 2010, we released the eCommerce software integration through their app center last August. Since that time we’ve been working on a more integrated approach and the hard work is in this new release. The Quickbooks shopping cart integration automates the entire process of synching customer and order data between the shopping cart and your Quickbooks application (both desktop and online). You set it up once and forget about it (I kinda sound like an infomercial), but it’s literally that simple. When we looked at our average customer and time it takes to manually export orders from the platform and imports it to Quickbooks, we calculated a savings of almost two weeks worth of time per year. How much more money can you make for your business when we give you back 2 weeks? I would love to hear what you could do for your business with 2 extra weeks per year so email me – mike @ pinnaclecart.com

The Quickbooks eCommerce feature is a hard act to follow, but we do have more.

You will definitely notice changes to the admin area. We certainly needed to start the process of this makeover in the account area, but we also will be saving you more time with this change. We have parsed through a lot of data and surveyed many of you regarding features of the cart you use on a regular basis. The end result is a platform that is even easier to use because we’ve collapsed or hidden the cart features that are used rarely. Instead of having to take time and review all the features, the most used will be displayed at the top while the rest will be available by drop down.

This is just another example of our commitment to creating something that really matters to the business owners in our industry. We’re comforted in letting the other shopping cart software platforms battle in a feature war while we continue to focus on an eCommerce ecosystem with features that make you money or changes that save you time.

Next week I’ll be offering our real world example of integration with Salesforce with a goal of “saving time” and what the end result has been. I think you’ll find it to be an eye-opening look at the SaaS industry and a perspective you haven’t read about.

Mike Auger
President & CEO

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