One of the latest lead generation and eCommerce trends is the birth of the landing page. But, what is a landing page? Generally speaking, it is a single page site on the web, typically with only one purpose – to create the sale of a specific product (or generate a lead).

According to Unbounce, a company that specializes in lead generation landing pages, “a 12% conversion rate is pretty good for lead generation landing pages. And by ‘pretty good,’ we mean you’ll be better than about 90% of your competitors.” This quote seems about right, as most of the data on the web puts conversion rates for lead generation landing pages around 7-10%.

Of course, this varies by industry and the traffic you are sending to the page. But what about landing pages that are dedicated to single product sales? Do they have the same conversion rate? Being as most of us are selling online, we (of course ) hope that the answer is YES.

The Monerate eCommerce Quarterly provides us with some great data regarding engagement and conversion data on Product Detail Pages (PDPs). They found that these types of pages under-perform in key areas when weighted against benchmarking landing page data. This is based on analyzing nearly 2 billion shopping sessions in the first quarter of 2018.

Uh oh!

Here’s some of their findings:

  • When PDPs serve as landing pages, they generally fail to trigger engagement, leading visitors to bounce at drastically higher rates and significantly fewer pages.
  • Visitors who enter PDP are half as likely to purchase when compared to visitors who enter elsewhere.
  • Visitors who land on PDP are 72% likely to bounce than those who land on any other type of page.
  • Even if they continue to the browser, those who enter though PDPs view 42% fewer pages than those who land on other parts of the site.
  • Generally speaking, visitors who come into a site from other pages convert at about 2.9%, while visitors who land on PDPs convert at about 1.5%

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