What happens when messaging apps and commerce collide? Conversational Commerce is formed. Well, as you can imagine, Facebook Messenger has become a great option for businesses who are interested in conversational commerce (and you all should be!). Most consumers are now involved in the online world of eCommerce. Even those who don’t actually shop online may still browse online and… if they get online at all, they are subject to digital marketing efforts and the perks that go with it, like customer service.

Using Facebook Messenger for customer service is a no-brainer. As mentioned before, it’s excellent for building relationships, problem-solving, working on your brand reputation, and occasionally letting your customers know more about what you offer. A simple question or complaint can quickly be turned around for a sale if you have a skilled support team.

Delivering real-time conversation and setting up automatic replies to common queries is a big plus for any customer service. Fortunately, Messenger makes these tasks easy. Businesses can deliver basic customer service in an instant by using the simple setup features on Messenger.

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