B-Wear Sportswear Runs Circles Around the Competition Using BigCommerce and Omnisend

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Prior to 2018, B-Wear Sportswear had no ecommerce presence. Their primary source of business was their two brick-and-mortar storefronts in Ohio. 

While the businesses were doing well, Shane Biles, Marketing Director at B-Wear Sportswear, felt that the company was ready to expand into the lucrative new frontier of ecommerce. 

Fast forward three years and B-Wear Sportswear has grown into a large online business by using the plethora of tools available within the BigCommerce toolbox, from abandoned cart automation to social media integrations. 

B-Wear has taken advantage of a number of integrations with outside platforms, including Sumo as a site-entry popup provider and Trustpilot for product and service reviews and using our native Meta integration to sell and advertise on Facebook. 

But one product has provided them with a number of digital marketing tools that they never imagined possible: Omnisend.

In January 2021, Biles decided to switch the company’s digital marketing tool to Omnisend from their previous provider. That’s when their digital marketing game really began to expand.

The team had easily been able to track marketing data from sources like social media, but email marketing proved to be a different story. Revenue gained from campaigns was an elusive data point, and customer engagement wasn’t detailed. 

“The engaged list versus non-engaged, to about to lose, is some really interesting information I’ve never got from any email provider in the past.” — Shane Biles

Email and SMS for Direct Customer Interaction

The kinds of data the B-Wear team gathers depend on the type of campaign. When it comes to emails, the team sends a promotional email nearly every day — and sometimes twice daily. This helps them remain relevant and top of mind for customers. 

Their average email promotion, when sent to all subscribers, nets nearly $8,000 in sales. 

B-Wear is also taking advantage of Omnisend’s SMS capabilities. By engaging in a two-pronged approach, they are able to reach customers who might be out of the loop on promotions.

Once, maybe twice weekly, the team can send a promotional email in the morning, and a corresponding promotional SMS in the afternoon. Email subscribers dwarf SMS subscribers, but there is still room to grow and enhance this new capability. 

Automation to Streamline Communication

Like many campaigns in the fashion space, promotional emails make up the bulk of sends. Sales, seasonal items and offers are a huge part of the email marketing strategy.

In contrast, .31% of messages sent are part of automated campaigns. One would assume that these automated emails would bring in a proportionally smaller number of sales, but they actually contribute 9% of revenue. 

One such automation is the abandoned cart solution. The B-Wear team has created a dynamic workflow with multiple paths based on cart sums. But they’re not just limited to email. SMS messages are sprinkled into the campaign and allow a multifaceted approach to communicating with the customer. 

When B-Wear used BigCommerce’s abandoned cart solution alone, it worked great. Integrating the BigCommerce and Omnisend solution saw a 15% increase in the recovered revenue rate. The team now sees a conversion rate of 47.59% across the stream. 

One key to this vast success is personalization. The B-Wear team is able to personalize communications based on cart value, communication style and more.

“Personalization goes a long way,” Biles said. “We can dynamically show abandoned products, add recommendations, and better target with workflow splits.”

A Platform Built for Growth

The team at B-Wear sees great value in the tools they get from BigCommerce out of the box. One of those tools being an inherent property of the platform itself: it’s customizable. If there’s a service you want to expand on, BigCommerce has a partner that can help get you there. 

“We were confident that BigCommerce wasn’t a platform we would need to change in two or three years. …Since then we’ve continued to expand and grow. BigCommerce was and is still a phenomenal partner.” — Shane Biles

When B-Wear began looking for ways to improve their email, SMS and automation capabilities, they found Omnisend, a tool that can effortlessly integrate with their existing ecommerce platform. Since then, they have seen drastic improvements in data tracking, marketing capabilities, and most importantly, revenue. 

The Final Word

B-Wear Sportswear has clearly seen massive benefit from using Omnisend as their email, SMS and automation tool of choice. 

Ready to try Omnisend for yourself? Download Omnisend in the BigCommerce App Store and see for yourself why Omnisend is one of the highest- and most-rated email marketing tools we partner with. 

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