3 Quick Tips for Making Your Amazon Listings More Enticing

You’ve picked your product. You’re eager to launch it on Amazon. But how can you make sure your listing will grab your prospects’ attention and persuade them to click “Add to Cart”?

Start by writing enticing copy for your title, bullets, and product description.

That may seem like a tall order, but these 3 easy pointers can help you create a truly effective listing.

1. Craft a Compelling Title

Your title is your make-or-break priority. If it doesn’t hook your target audience, they won’t even see the rest of your listing.

To create a title that grabs your customers by the coattails, you need to include:

  • 2 or 3 relevant keywords – search terms your target audience is actually looking for
  • A brief, topline presentation of your product’s main benefit(s)
  • Copy that rolls right off the tongue – as opposed to an awkward string of stuffed, stilted keywords

Let’s say you’re selling a diaper bag backpack. This is a highly competitive niche, but you have an advantage: Your diaper bag includes a fold-out bassinet that doubles as a changing station.

You’ll want to research relevant high-volume keyword phrases via Helium 10 Cerebro and Magnet. Search primarily for terms related to “diaper bag backpack,” but don’t neglect research for “bassinet” and “changing station.” These are secondary and tertiary keywords, not primary ones, but they’re still valuable, because some customers will be searching for them.

Once you’ve assembled a list of strong keywords, rank them in order of search volume. Incorporate your 2 or 3 highest-volume terms into your product title. But never “keyword-stuff.” Weave your keyphrases into your title copy in a smooth, flowing, natural way.

Plus, relate your keywords to your product’s main benefit. Research shows that benefit-focused titles perform better on Amazon. So, make sure you let your customers know what your product can actually do for them. Plus, use powerful, emotive language that appeals to your prospects’ wants and needs.

For example, you could come up with something like this:

All-in-One Unisex Diaper Bag Backpack Includes Fold-Out Bassinet Crib with Changing Pad for Baby’s Comfort and Your Convenience, Comes in Durable Waterproof Material with Multiple Pockets, Black

This title contains 3 keywords, yet they don’t sound forced or stuffed. Plus, at 194 characters total, it falls within Amazon’s strict 200-character limit. Best of all, it conveys key benefits – “baby’s comfort” and “your convenience” – so it’s likelier to attract attention than a mere string of keywords would.

2. Build a Persuasive Case with Bullets

Amazon’s bullets are the building blocks of your listing. They present your product’s main features and benefits in “inverted pyramid” order, starting with the primary benefit – the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – and then working down from there.

If you offer a guarantee or warranty beyond Amazon’s 30-day deal, highlight it in the 5th bullet. Other than that, though, focus directly on product benefits.

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  • In the first bullet, highlight your product’s primary benefit, with emphasis on the demonstrable ways it can enhance your prospect’s life.
  • In the second bullet, present the next most important feature, with its corresponding benefit.
  • In the third bullet, perhaps address the nitty-gritty aspects of materials and workmanship, highlighting the benefits of quality and durability.
  • In the fourth bullet, perhaps describe your product’s practical uses, especially if it’s a versatile item with more than one application.
  • In the fifth bullet, provide supporting info to help build trust and confidence: guarantees and/or warranties; official honors, awards, and certifications (make sure you can document them!); etc.

Throughout your bullets, use:

  • Action verbs to convey urgency
  • Proven persuasive language
  • Emotionally charged adjectives that strike a chord with your readers

Plus, make sure each bullet contains at least one relevant high-volume keyphrase, seamlessly woven into the copy so it doesn’t sound weird or awkward.

3. Support Your Case with a Well-Crafted Product Description

Did you know that the product description is the first thing mobile users see, right below the product title?

It’s a fact. Bullets appear near the top of the page on desktops and laptops. But, on mobile devices, the description provides the lead-in.

So, even though your product description may not carry as much algorithmic weight as titles and bullets do, it still provides a perfect platform for persuading your target audience. Bottom line: Don’t give it short shrift. It deserves more than just a few sentences reiterating the bullets.

Here’s how to make your description compelling for your customers:

  • Start with an introduction – 200 characters or fewer – encapsulating your product: its name, primary purpose, and foremost features and benefits. If your prospects read nothing else, they should derive enough info from this brief intro to know what your product’s all about.
  • Segue into a classic problem/solution scenario: “Do you ever face Problem X? Here’s how Product Y can resolve it.”
  • Support your “solution” claim with evidence – product features and benefits – both in narrative form and in brief, punchy bullets.
  • Provide additional supporting information, such as guarantees, certifications, and so on.
  • Wrap up with an urgent, powerful call to action.

Above All, Talk Like Your Customers

Have you ever read an Amazon listing and wondered, “What does that mean? What’s PVC? What’s ruching? What’s XYZA-Certified?”

You’re not alone. All too often, marketers use industry terms that may make sense to them but elude everyone else.

That’s why we recommend Helium 10’s Review Insights. It shows how real-life customers actually think and talk, so you can speak their language, not yours.

When you incorporate these quick changes to your listings, you’ll begin to see more engagement from shoppers and a higher number of monthly sales, too!

Helium 10 makes finding, optimizing and selling products on Amazon faster and easier than any other software suite we’ve seen. Check it out today. When you use this link and save 50% on your first month or 10% every month for life.

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3 Quick Tips for Making Your Amazon Listings More Enticing

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