3 Tips On How Paid Marketing Can Help Your E-Commerce Business in 2021

This information helps you create retargeting ads that align specifically with your customer’s needs and behavioral characteristics. You can then create personas for any type of outreach you intend to do, like segmented emails.

3. Leverage Gained Ad Data Insight to Analyse Micro-Conversions

Consumers usually don’t click an ad, read the content on the landing page and make the purchase. Most times they go through micro-conversions like simply giving you their email.

Here’s how it works. When a prospect finds out about your business while digging up some information, they will visit your e-commerce website say via your e-commerce blog a bunch of times, to build a relationship with your company. Once they trust your business as a value-added channel, the prospect may consider purchasing from you. That’s the whole idea behind the conversion funnel.

Since your customers are on a journey through your website before purchase, it only makes sense to analyse the steps between the journey. This is what micro-conversions are concerned with. It’s all about measuring one or more of the activities of your customer base done before conversion. Here are some of these activities:

  • Account creation
  • PDF download
  • Going to multiple pages in one session
  • Adding products to the cart
  • Email sign ups

It’s important to state the micro-conversions don’t necessarily have to end up as macro-conversions (sales). You can use them as supportive aid to your main goal and have a good idea of how well you are treating your visitors.

That said, you can also use the insights provided by your ad data to understand the behaviors behind micro-conversions and when they’d convert. For example, Matthew Woodward analysed micro-conversions and discovered that an email subscriber is worth $17.81 in 3 months.

Paid marketing campaigns take a huge chunk of your budget, so you need to ensure that you get a ton of value from them. To do this use the 3 actionable tips provided in this piece to foster e-commerce growth via paid marketing:

  • gain small data insights about your audience
  • use ad data to create laser segmented retargeting
  • leverage data insights to analyse micro-conversions

So why the wait? Put these tips into action!