Instagram has been one of the most popular social networking sites for most people. Just after Facebook, Instagram records as the second-highest monthly active users. With more than 115.6 million users as of 2021, it has been in the inclined state.

It is reported that Instagram has a steep rise in the increase of several users available in Brazil.

This number has increased up to 4.34% as compared to last year. Instagram reels and also stories are widely increasing to different countries in Europe. There has been a tremendous rise in Instagram reels content views in places such as France and Germany.

Louis Vuitton is one of the biggest brands attaining a higher number of views. Daily, it is also noted that the brand attracts around 7 Million views on average. The conversion rate of Instagram is also high as there are almost 100 million active daily users present on the platform only from India.

Instagram facts and figures
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