Have you heard (or said) these complaints about selling with Amazon FBA?

“My competitor’s listing doesn’t rank very well, but they make way more sales than I do.”

“I’m spending a lot on Amazon PPC, but just not seeing results.”

“I’ve done everything everybody has told me to do to promote my Amazon products in the marketplace, but it’s just not working.”

Here’s a little secret:

Most of the major players (when it comes to Amazon FBA sales) promote their products off of Amazon’s site. These 6- and 7-figure sellers understand that you have to approach Amazon like a full-blown ecommerce business complete with marketing strategies that find customers instead of waiting on them to casually stroll over to Amazon.

That means — either in place of Amazon sponsored ads, or in addition to them — you should learn to promote Amazon products offsite to increase traffic to your Amazon listings. There is a wide array of options, but let me tell you about the ones that have proven themselves to work the best.

How to Promote Amazon Products on Facebook

Go where the people are! That’s a hard-and-fast rule when it comes to marketing. Why? Because you can have the best products in the world, but if no one can find them, they won’t sell.

Facebook has proven itself as a long-term winner when it comes to advertising. Their ad platform allows you to target with scary accuracy. That’s why so many million-dollar Amazon sellers trust Facebook for product launches and for driving continual traffic to listing pages.

Want to learn how to promote Amazon products on Facebook? Follow an Amazon seller’s strategy for using coupons in conjunction with Facebook ads to boost their conversion rate by 120%.

How to Promote Amazon Products on YouTube

What’s the most compelling aspect of infomercials on TV? What about those live booths you see at the State Fair or at tradeshows? It’s the product demos, right? People love to watch the product in action to see how to use it and what features can make their lives easier.

That’s what makes YouTube videos such a winner for Amazon FBA marketing.

Take a look at this video that offers a very basic demo of the Naväge nasal cleaner. This video is several years old, but has over 331,000 views! The video walks viewers through all the features of the product and shows how they benefit the shopper.

To increase traffic to your Amazon listing, you would want to provide a link in the video as well as in the description underneath the video.

PRO TIP: I highly recommend using Pretty Links redirect plugin to brand your links and create neat redirects. That way, if your Amazon link should ever change, all you have to do is update the Pretty Link from the dashboard inside WordPress and all links on every site you’ve used it on will be updated automatically.

How to Increase Traffic to Amazon Listings From Other Outside Sources


Blog posts are often able to reach more people because they count as information as opposed to advertising. If you have your own site, install a blog so that you can post regularly about the products you offer as well as their uses.

Not sure how to write a blog post? From creating titles to optimizing the posts for Google to developing your topics, choosing a post style, and more … this ebook shows you how. Use code BLOGADV to save $10.

Sponsored Posts / Videos

Whether you choose to record your own demo videos or not, you can also reach out to others who would be willing to provide a review, sponsored videos, or blog posts. With over 45,000 views, this very basic video shows you precisely how a garlic press works, what the features and benefits are, and care instructions.

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You can find influencers when you search YouTube for “[your product type] reviews.” (Don’t use the brackets or quotes in your search.) You can see how many influencers have created videos for products similar to yours. Leave a comment or — if they mention their website URL — click over and send a message via their contact form to find out their rates and conditions for sponsored videos.

For example, these silicone oven mitt gloves bring up several reviewers worth contacting.

2 Vital Elements for an Amazon FBA Marketing Strategy

Create Your Own Website

Having your own website doesn’t mean you have to install a shopping cart or set up a merchant account. Including your own site in your Amazon FBA marketing plan does mean you can benefit from:

  • Increased traffic to your Amazon listing that is sent from Google
  • A way to build your own customer list
  • The ability to email loyal shoppers any time you want
  • A platform on which to publish blog posts
  • Ways to offer opt-in freebies (content upgrades) that entice customers
  • A place to highlight your products — even if your “buy now” links send people to Amazon to purchase

A simple two- or three-page WordPress site is all it takes to start. Add a blog to the site and it’s even better!

If you choose to build the site out into a full-blown ecommerce store later on, you’ll have a great foundation to do so.

Build Your Own Customer List

One of the most important steps in building any business is to create a customer list. Amazon FBA marketing is no different. By having your own website (no matter how small), you can begin to collect the names and email addresses of your customers.

In order to offer them something in exchange for their emails, you’ll need a professional-looking, compelling landing page and a way to store the emails (that is legal and compliant).

I use Thrive Themes and Active Campaign.

Thrive Themes is a collection of WordPress plug-ins that allow you to quickly create enticing landing pages that can include social sharing buttons, countdown timers, videos, and much more.

Active Campaign is an email marketing service that allows you to collect emails, send bulk emails, manage campaigns, automatically handle unsubscribes (legally), and much more.

The two work in conjunction to give you a way to promote Amazon products to your list of shoppers any time you want. The end result? You sell more products!

Don’t settle for the same old approach every other Amazon seller is using when it comes to FBA marketing. Get creative with your advertising, so you can drive more traffic and make more sales.

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