Apparel webstores do not have the same access to real-life customers nor a physical store location, like brick and mortar retailers. They do not have signs, flyers or physical people or clothing for customers to see. Everything is virtual. With a virtual store, you have to be a little more creative with your advertising. Here are the best places to advertise your apparel webstore.

Google Shoppable Ads

Similar to Adwords, but shows more information than just copy. Customers can also see the price and an image of the product. This ad format also allows brands to highlight multiple products on a single ad unit that will appear at the top of Google Images. Perfect for showing a collection or complete outfit.

Paid Advertising

Many apparel companies utilize paid advertising like Ad Words and display ads for many websites. For Adwords your company will want to use profitable keywords and create great text ads. Display ads (aka banner ads) that are shown on many different websites and social media are effective for growing brand awareness

Live/Virtual Events

Advertising for your apparel webstore doesn’t just end on the internet. You can also advertise at live or virtual events. You can set up an in-person/virtual booth at different events that fall under your niche (beauty, sports, medical, religion, etc.) At your booth, you can have business cards, displays, catalogs, and even merchandise ready to be sold. Great opportunity to have a sheet to collect potential customers information like name, email and phone number.

Complementary Brands 

Your apparel webstore can create a partnership with complementary brands like beauty and sports to cross-promote. Find a company with a similar audience and products that pair well with apparel and accessory items.

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