As we wrote on our website specializing in live chat reviews: “Giving your software the name of a whole category of applications is quite a bold move.” But we also rank LiveChat as the number one solution for those who want to communicate with customers in real time.

While live chat tools were once an expensive and technically complex solution, these days it’s incredibly simple to get started. All you usually have to do is add a line of code (or adding a plugin) in your website and presto – you enjoy numerous benefits.

For instance, if you’ve ever been swayed by a convincing salesperson in a brick and mortar shop, you’ll know how much difference they can make. Similarly, assistance with payment or extra product info is the surest way to guide you all the way to the cash register.

With LiveChat, it can be the same thing, but online and with more high-tech options. This is done through features that let you:

  • Customize the chat window when agents are online or offline
  • Create user behavior notifications (e.g. be alerted when users spend a long time on a checkout page)
  • Create tags and shortcuts for lightning fast support

And it only starts at $16 per month, which is pretty affordable.

Other noteworthy live chat tools: Olark, SnapEngage, Userlike…

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