If you are a small businesses owner looking for new and powerful marketing tools to increase user engagement and retention, consider giving web push notifications a try. Not sure what that means? Web push notification is a browser-dependent communication tool that can reach a subscriber on his desktop or mobile, even when he is not browsing your website. It’s a relatively new marketing channel that allows you to cut through the digital noise and engage with your audience in real-time.

However, just like with any marketing tool, the key to success is not the tool itself, but the way one chooses to utilize it. And truth is, most small online businesses are still trying to discover different uses for web push notifications that would help them boost conversions.

Oftentimes, one simple yet important question arises to almost every marketer who is willing gives web push notifications a chance: how do I use web push notifications to achieve significant conversion results?

In the search for an answer to this question, 38 top marketing experts, influencers, and World Wide Web superstars were interviewed. The infographic below reveals their best advice on how to leverage web push notifications to its full potential. But before jumping straight to the infographic, let’s take a look at the major findings that suggest how to use push notifications in the most effective way.

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