Respond Quickly. Merchants typically have a brief period of time to reply to chargebacks. Acknowledge the chargeback and start the process of preparing the necessary documentation to fight it.

Did the customer contact you first? Chargebacks are typically what happens when all else fails. One of the first things most banks require to start a chargeback is proof the customer has attempted to resolve the issue with you directly. If you have no record of this contact, be sure to let the bank know. Offer to settle the dispute with the customer directly. But don’t roll over, only do what you think is fair. If you can’t come to an agreement, let the process move forward.

Provide clear details about the purchase. Good document collection is ALWAYS CRUCIAL. If you don’t have the essential documents, it will be difficult, if not impossible to win disputes. Locate the purchase and explain the steps that were taken after the purchase was made. Provide date of purchase, date and item shipped, carrier information, shipping confirmation information, customer communications, etc.

Remember, merchants have rights too.

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