Before anything else can go right, you have to set your online store up with the best web store building software. This is an often underappreciated step, as some may be tempted to look for freeware or the cheapest software that will get the job done. It’s not really necessary to skimp on this important step, however, as high-quality eCommerce platforms can be found at very reasonable costs these days. Starting at around $30 a month, you can ensure your store has a competent team behind it. If you choose a platform like PinnacleCart eCommerce, all of your design, storage, SEO, marketing, traffic, support, social media, security, management and more will be taken care of. They even have a Professional Services division that can help you with specific needs like marketing, content, custom store design, and more. So please, first thing first, go with a trusted, reputable platform that has years of experience in eCommerce. That choice plays the biggest role in your first online sale and the overall success of your eCommerce store.

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