10 Ways to Attract Legit Twitter Followers and Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

Popular artists, musicians, and models usually have millions of followers on Twitter. That’s also the same case with known politicians, leaders, and businessmen. Back in the days before the Internet, it was more difficult and took serious connections and hard work to get to know, talk to or reach out to these popular icons and leaders.

Now, with the Internet and social media, it is relatively easy to reach out to these industry leaders and stars that you look up to. You can simply send them a message using Facebook, Gmail or Twitter. By following them on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social sites, you’ll get to know what they had for lunch, where they shop for clothes, and where they hang-out. This close Internet and social media relationship also present opportunities to network with them.

What’s good about networking with those key leaders in your industry is that once they Tweet about your business or share your site, you will also gain Twitter followers and hundreds, or thousands, of visitors to your online store or website.