Are you struggling to find the perfect business name for your online store? Let one of these free websites help you generate a business name.

So you’ve finally decided to create that online business. You’ve successfully brainstormed with your partners on what type of business you’re going to run; you already have a business plan in place (the purpose, target market, financing, etc.); and you’re in the initial stages of building your online store… but then you suddenly remember one tiny little detail that you’ve overlooked: your business name. You need help to generate a business name!

Well, let’s be honest: technically it’s not a tiny little detail. Not really. Coming up with a catchy and memorable business name for your venture is actually a very important step towards building your online brand. But if you find yourself stuck and fresh out of ideas, don’t worry—it’s often a challenge to come up with a unique business name, especially when it seems that all the good names have already been taken!

Fortunately for you (and for every other stumped entrepreneur trying to come up with an awesome business name), there is online help available.

Here are six websites that will help you generate a business name, for free:

1. Dot-o-Mator

If you need help and want to generate a business name, Dot-o-Mator is a simple, no-frills business-name website that allows you to create not only a business name, but a domain name as well. This website will also check if the names are available for online purchase. This is especially handy for online businesses or eCommerce websites. Dot-o-mator allows you to either select from random words using two drop-down lists or to type your own suggestions on the boxes provided (for both “beginnings” and “endings” of the business name being generated), and then when you click combine, you are given a list of results of available business and domain names. When you see a name you like, you can drag it over to a “scratchbox” and keep on searching.

2. Wordlab Business Name Generator

The Wordlab Business Name Generator produces more than seven million potential suggestions for company, business, brand, and product names or available domain names. Don’t see anything you like after using the generator? You can sign up instead for a Worldlab account and post a topic in their Naming Projects Forum, and members of the community can help suggest names for your brand, business, or project. Either method should help you generate a business name that’s worth moving forward with!

3. NameMesh Domain Name Generator is a down and dirty, lighting-fast domain name generator. Just type a keyword in the field provided, click on the search button, and the generator will list down suggestions of the available business and domain names closely related to your preferred keyword. You can also register your domain name through the links provided by NameMesh.


The official naming generator of letter-template business Write Express lets you input specific criteria to help you produce a list of more than eight hundred possible names for every single search. You can type in a specific keyword you already have in mind and choose to combine it with Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes, or root words; beginning and ending word parts; and different types of rhymes: ending, beginning, or last and syllable.

5. Lean Domain Search

If you’re looking for a handy business-name generator that can produce brand and business suggestions in seconds, then Lean Domain Search is for you. This website matches the keyword that you entered with other words to generate a substantial list of available domain names. You can choose word suggestions that start or end with your keyword, and—depending on your preference—you can also sort results of your search by popularity, length, or alphabetical order.

6. Net Substance Brand Name Generator

Net Substance Brand Name Generator helps you generate a business name by randomly generating new options based on the keyword that you input. Type one or more keywords that closely relates to your brand or business, then click the “Generate Brand Names” button to produce a list of original brand names. You can determine whether or not the domain name of a particular generated business name is available by clicking on that particular name, which will query the Whois database and will tell you whether it is already registered. You can also increase or decrease the number of letters that make up your brand name by changing the values in the “Maximum Letters” field.

Choose from any of these websites to help you generate a business name. Remember that first impressions last, and it’s your brand name that is seen first, so it’s imperative that you immediately make a powerful impact on customers with a catchy business name.

What did we miss? We’d love to hear about the sites you used to generate a business name for your brick and mortar or online store! (Just use the comment section below.)

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