“What an amazing moment to be able to take this picture with Viktor Falendysh!” Said Mike Auger, the CEO and Chairman of the Board for PinnacleCart. It has been a 11-year process since we first met him and this weekend he received his Green Card (and yes it is green!).

We first met Viktor through www.elance.com while he was living in Ukraine. He was the first Developer for Pinnacle Cart and has been the cornerstone and a tremendous asset to our company. It isn’t just the work he does, but Viktor makes all of us better people because of who he is. We sponsored his desire to come to America and he arrived in November of 2007 on a work visa. Over the next six years we filed a lot of paperwork to get us where we are today and it was a great moment within the company when he made the announcement.

In the end, the growth of our company and the hiring of all the local employees was the result of this “outsourced” resource.

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