There’s an immense amount of links out there – and many of them lead to nowhere fast. The emphasis of any website’s linkbuilding activities needs to be focussed on quality as opposed to quantity. After all, why not shoot for the best?

It’s not worth wasting your time on linkbuilding from places that are spammy or provide no value to the user. After all, that’s the whole point of a link in the first place – it’s meant to be a genuinely useful pathway to another place.

Keeping your attention on getting links from high quality domains is a worthy pursuit for the search engine performance of your website. Developing relationships with established brands and authoritative domains all add much more value than silly little link schemes.

Always try and keep your linkbuilding activities above board, there’s not much point in getting crap links. There are many different ways of getting high-quality links, including blogger outreach and community engagement. So make sure your links are of high-quality, and the chain will be much more robust in the longer term.

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