A lot of websites have certain areas that are the main area of focus. For example, you might be focussed on form completions as your main digital marketing goal. However after a period of time, it might be going quite well and begin to level off – this is the time to re-evaluate your goals and perhaps introduce some new ones.

You could enhance your focus on form completions; perhaps setting higher targets and putting plans in place to generate more. However, it is also a good idea to shift efforts to other parts of your site in order to grow them in a similar way to your initial area of focus.

For example, you could switch the focus to ecommerce or social media. By growing these areas of your site you can help create a better overall performance. Doing one thing well is fantastic, but making your website perform well in achieving a variety of goals makes it much more effective.

So, once you achieve your goals, re-analyse them and always think about adding a new area of focus. Enjoy today’s illustration, and make sure you come back to the ThoughtShift Blog tomorrow for the 6th in the series!

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