Remember when getting videos on the web was a laborious and fairly complicated process? Once you figured out how to create it, you had to make sure it was in the right format, contact your host to stream the video, make sure the client had the correct video player installed and once you figured all that out, you had all those additional bandwidth charges to look forward to. Things were tough in pre-YouTube days, but the playing field has changed and the process has become simpler. Now, not only can you add video to your site, you absolutely should.

First, get a decent video camera. Great ones can usually be found for under $100. Once you have the camera, make sure to pick up some easy to use video editing software. Many cameras come with some type of editing software if the one you purchased doesn’t, do a quick search on Google for video editing software and you’ll find plenty. Next item needed is an account with either or This is where you’ll be uploading your video once it’s complete.

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