Building and launching an eCommerce business has been made easy over the past couple of years by advancements in technology. What once took a considerable amount of time and resources to create can now come into fruition with minimal effort and costs. This has led to a rise in the popularity of online shopping and has given way for aspiring entrepreneurs to set their plans in motion. In fact, there are about 12-24 million eCommerce websites worldwide and counting. However, this influx of online businesses entails competition, therefore making it a challenge for merchants to step up their game and ensure their eCommerce endeavors have an edge that will set them apart.

Prioritizing your product pages can be a great place to start – given that it’s where customers decide to purchase something from your online store. Product pages provide shoppers with detailed information on what a particular brand sells. These include details such as price, product features, and sometimes even customer reviews. The way your product pages are constructed can either inspire a sale or cause abandonment. Merchants who don’t put enough thought into their product pages see lower conversions and of course, fewer sales. One study found that 98% of shoppers lost interest in making a purchase, while 50% of them returned items due to poor or insufficient product descriptions provided on product pages. Lackluster content can directly affect eCommerce product page conversions.

Whether you’re just about to embark on your eCommerce journey or you’re already going full speed ahead, it’s crucial that you make every effort you can to ensure your product pages meet – or better yet, exceed – your customers’ expectations. Good product pages play a vital role in attracting new customers as well as keeping loyal patrons coming back because they enhance the overall shopping experience. By bringing in more traffic, product pages also contribute to website optimization thereby expanding your visibility online. These are just some of the many benefits that come with creating and maintaining high-converting product pages. Although this task may seem daunting at first, there are numerous, straightforward ways you can elevate your online store’s product pages.

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