The content you post defines the kind of followers you attract. Using Instagram solely to promote your latest offers may repel a lot of your target users. On the other hand, you may miss out on crucial marketing opportunities by focusing just on engagement and not on sales. As a business, you must maintain a fair balance between engaging content that attracts users and promotions that can convert them.

Instagram is a highly visual medium and producing original content for this platform may thus require a lot more effort than other platforms. There are however a few strategies that can assist a business owner from maximizing their ROI from a content investment.

Partner with customers: People love to show off their latest purchases to their followers on social media. Build a list of customers who are extremely active on Instagram and offer to showcase their original photos to your followers. This is a win-win since your customers get extra visibility and you get original content for your followers.

Stick to a theme: While it is true that product photos with attractive offers are essential to convert your Instagram followers, let that not be your main social media strategy. Users tend to get quickly bored of Instagram accounts that sell all the time. Create a theme and stick to it. For instance, if you are a Swiss watchmaker, your Instagram feed could be photos of your various watch models snapped against stunning snow mountains. Make sure that your theme aligns with your brand values and positioning.

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