Would you aim your arrow and shoot if you didn’t have a clear target in front of you? Of course now! Having that goal in front of you is important for success, and for not losing your arrow! We know that instinctually so, why is it, then, that so many online business owners will make random social posts without a clear goal in mind? Before you started your eCommerce business, you had ideas and goals that you hoped to achieve. The same goals should be kept in mind when developing your social media strategy. Whether your priority is to boost traffic to your site, increase sales, or just work on your online reputation, having clear objectives and expectations lined out will allow your eCommerce businesses to work towards a clear goal. This will help your success and allow you to adjust your social media campaigns. It also allows you to make the most of your marketing budget and time by making sure the efforts you’re putting out are driving your company towards it’s set objectives.

Social media is so much more than just fishing for ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. While those virtual pats on the back are great, you need more than vanity metrics to succeed. Most eCommerce businesses need true engagement, sharing, and sales completion to reach their goals and stay in business. Choosing the right metrics to achieve those goals is the key to long-term prosperity. Focus on tasks like creating powerful social posts that lead to quality landing pages. And make sure your posts have powerful ‘call to actions’ that result in lead generation, an increased conversation rate, and a healthy following that shares.

And for all that is good in this world… keep your audience in mind as you plan your social objectives and goals.

Here’s an easy task – write down at least three social media goals and ask yourself how they will look to your audience and what their end result will be.

Now… implement and track them to determine their effectiveness.

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